Achilles Football Club

What is Achilles Football Club?

Achilles FC develops players to learn and love the game of soccer.  Our players train every day to play the game at the highest level.

Achilles FC Youth Development Program U9-U12.

U9-U12 Teams train 3 x per week and currently play in various travel soccer leagues.

Teams play in multiple tournaments per year.

Who should try out for Achilles Football Club?

Achilles FC is for serious soccer players and their families.  Achilles FC is for players that want to reach their full potential to play at the highest level.  Players develop over time and play to their fullest potential when soccer is taught properly and remains fun.  Members of Achilles have fun getting better each day and learning to play the game in a very strong and competitive setting.

Soccer is a TEAM SPORT.   In soccer,  individual success comes from team success.  I stress a specific style of play with an emphasis on creative attacking football and team first mentality.

What makes Achilles FC special?

Achilles FC players, Achilles FC families, and Coach Sal make Achilles FC a very special club.  Attend any of our sessions and you’ll see what I mean.  Your son/daughter will learn more in 5 minutes than they have in 5 years of training anywhere else.  Our players never want practice to end!  They just want more soccer, more SAL SOCCER!