Our Philosophy

Achilles FC philosophy is to develop our players so that they love the game, respect the game, and are prepared to play the game at the next level.  Our philosophy can be broken down into these 3 words… learn, play, love!


 The coaches of Achilles Football Club love teaching the game and our athletes love learning from them.  Our coaches will stay with their players throughout the years.  We do not change coaches each year.  This helps to build consistency in our program.  Consistency also happens to be a key ingredient in being a good player.  Our players will learn to be “consistently good.”

The focus of our curriculum is on teaching proper skills and technique.  We then focus on using our technique along with our specific style of play in order to create the best soccer players and teams possible.  Achilles FC is for serious soccer players and serious soccer families.  Our coaches understand that players develop over time and play to their fullest potential when soccer is taught properly and remains FUN. Fun for our players is getting better each day and learning to play the game in a very strong and competitive setting.  Our players, just like our coaches, live to play the game.

We try to create the most fun yet competitive learning environment for players of all ages and abilities.


Play, Play, Play!  Play as much as possible!  Play anywhere, anytime!

Players looking to play at the highest levels must understand that there is no age, location, time of day, or weather, that is best for soccer.  Just play!

Players are strongly encouraged to play soccer wherever they want, whenever they want, and with whomever they want, as long as it’s ok with their parents J

I believe that playing the game in many different environments can only help players develop.

When it comes to forming teams…Sal will make all decisions on team rosters.  Players will play on the team that Sal views as “developmentally appropriate” for that individual player regardless of age.  Sal will always maintain the best interest of the player as well as the team.

Achilles FC develops the team along with the individuals.  We believe, “Individual success comes from TEAM success.”  We stress a specific style of play with an emphasis on attacking football and team defense.  We stress the importance of each player knowing his/her role on the field.

Good players on good teams will get all the exposure and accolades they deserve. Good teams are full of good players.  Good teams will be accepted to all of the best tournaments in the country.  Our players and their families will understand very quickly that this game is played 11v11.  Every player on the field needs the guy/girl on the field next to them to do their job.  We teach responsibility and character through soccer!

As our players age I will begin to stress the importance of playing high school soccer.  High School soccer is an experience that all soccer players and families should enjoy.  Players can develop in a club setting and high school setting.  Leadership, learning to be a good friend/teammate, playing in front of your friends, etc. are all things that no student athlete should miss out on!  Student athletes will benefit more in the long run by being promoted by club coaches and high school coaches and their teachers.


Achilles coaches and players love the game.  Passion for the game is transferred from coach to athlete during every session. Our players never want practice to end! They just want more soccer!  Come out to one of our sessions, you’ll see what I mean.

Our goal is to make this life experience enjoyable for all players and their families.  For all of our players to love being a part of Achilles FC, love the sport of soccer, graduate high school, attend college, graduate college, and we would truly love for all of our players to play division 1, 2, or 3 college soccer and/or professional soccer.